School Administrators,
Executive Directors and
Board Members.

You've come to the right place.

 Whether your school is site-based or virtual, 

recruitment is more difficult than EVER.

We have a PROVEN plan to grow enrollment during these uncertain times.

It's time to get started

for the 2021-2022

enrollment season!

How would an increase of  10, 25 or 50+ additional students help your school budget?
Every new student we help bring to your campus means an additional ~$7,000 (national average) to your budget. In the meantime, you and your team can focus on educating students.

We'll execute a

strategic plan that will bring new students to your school.

  • Harness powerful digital marketing strategies targeted to parents in your community.

  • Increase  awareness of your school in your community- and tell your school's unique story and points of differentiation.

  • Identify and broadcast to prospective parents exactly why your school is the perfect fit for their son/daughter.

  • Develop a powerful back-of-house enrollment system that will INCREASE "butts in seats" come August.

  • Create impactful parent, teacher and student testimonial videos- and utilize them in advertising, on your website and your social media.

  • Plan virtual campus tours and enrollment interest meetings and market them to your community. 

  • We'll help build a LONG TERM  enrollment culture on your campus.

How does
Enrollment Professor work

First, what we do is absolutely affordable for schools with any size budget. Whether your school has 50 students or 1,000.  In almost every case an additional 1-2 NEW students will cover the cost of our program.

Enrollment Professor will work with your team for a specified length of time. We'll customize an enrollment growth plan for your school.
Contact us and let's review your school's needs!